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Congratulations to our Ranger Challenge Team for taking 1st Place in the 8th Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition! They beat out 12 universities for a chance to compete in the United States Military Academy’s Sandhurst International Military Competition in April.

The Ranger Challenge Program is a tough mental and physical competition that challenges and enhances leader development, develop team cohesion and healthy competition among ROTC programs.  UW took first, Claremont McKenna- second, and Boise State- third.  UW will go up against seven other ROTC programs, USMA teams and foreign military and sister service teams at Sandhurst.

Check out some of the highlights from the competition.  (Courtesy of Cadet Ruatos)

Why Army ROTC?

The University of Washington Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is dedicated to developing character and leadership in young men and women.  ROTC offers unique scholarship and career opportunities focused on building leaders for our nation and helping students become leaders for life.

Like the United States Military Academy, the purpose of Army ROTC is to train and commission Army officers. For over 100 years, UW has produced officers for the United States Army and their names are proudly displayed on our walls. We seek talented young men and women who possess a desire to lead, a passion for service, and aspire to make an impact on the world.

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