Department of Military Science

Summer opportunities

Basic Camp (formally known as the Cadet Initial Entry Training or the Leaders Training Course) will be conducted during the summer following MSI or MSII year for contracted cadets and those pursuing a contract. Basic Camp allows students to enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course without any prior Army or ROTC knowledge or skills. Conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Basic Camp trains, develops, evaluates, and molds incoming students into cadets, bringing them up to competitive speed with cadets who have received MSI and MSII year training.

Advanced Camp (formally known as the Cadet Leadership Course or Leader Development Assessment Course) is conducted during the summer following the MSIII year at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Advanced Camp develops and evaluates every MSIII cadet in the nation. Focusing on leadership and skills learned at their host institution, cadets learn new skills, have their leadership tested and assessed, and, ultimately is used to determine Officer Branch selections following graduation.

Airborne Training is conducted at Fort Benning, GA. Airborne training is a highly selective three-week course designed to teach soldiers the basic skills needed to successfully parachute jump from a plane. The school awards the Army Basic Parachutist Badge to those who complete all training and their five parachute jumps.

Air Assault Training teaches soldiers the intricacies of helicopter operations to include selection and establishment of helicopter landing zones, slingloading equipment for transport, and rappelling. This ten-day course is highly selective and culminates in a 12-mile foot march and, upon successful completion, awarding of the Air Assault Badge.

Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT) is a selective three-week program that embeds cadets into actual Army units in a variety of fields. Cadets who are selected “job shadow” a Second Lieutenant to observe what they will be doing upon graduation and commissioning. Cadets are placed in charge of Soldiers and can put their leadership skills into practice. This program is for MSIII Cadets only.

Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP) is an Army sponsored study abroad program for cadets. Read their stories here.